An American Teenager in Haiti

IMG_0625During his senior year of high school, Christopher Wren joined the team on a mission trip.  Here he reflects on experiencing the Haitian culture and volunteering for NOVA Hope for Haiti.


My recent trip to Haiti has opened my eyes to the rest of the world. Between the happy and sociable children and the old grandmothers wearing their big bright hats, the trip showed me how cultural and life-changing a place like Haiti can be. We really do take what we have for granted. The people there will be happy with anything instead of constantly wanting more and more. Just giving a little kid a lollipop would put a smile on his or her face for the entire day.

The trip itself is also a blast. Eating the food and not having any clue what’s for breakfast the next morning is all part of the fun. The trip to the beach after a long day in the clinic is a nice way to take in the beauty of the country. It really is a great trip that helps open your eyes to a wonderful place.

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