Clinic Protocols

NOVA Hope for Haiti’s Clinic Protocols

The Story

A number of years ago, we had cared for a boy named Joseph who after a prolonged infectious
illness, spiraled into severe wasting and edematous malnutrition. He was unable to walk on his
own, and had stopped feeding, talking, and even smiling. During that mission we had to
urgently develop a treatment plan for his caloric and nutritional deficiencies though our
protocol was essentially developed on the spot. We were fortunate to have the needed
resources to initiate his care, and he thankfully had an extremely devoted mother who could
continue his care after we had left Cavaillon. Eight months later, many of us were brought to
tears as a healthy and vibrant Joseph walked into the clinic smiling and playful. This case with
the impetus for developing a Malnutrition Protocol for our clinic in Cavaillon. The remote and
resource-limited nature of Cavaillon does not necessarily allow for what should be hospital
admission and intensive treatment for our patients with severe malnutrition.

The Protocol

Our protocol follows inpatient priorities for these patients but adapts that management to our specific
Cavaillon outpatient setting. It requires the cooperative care of our providers and our patients’
families during their gradual treatment and recovery with frequent follow-up and dynamic and
adaptive care. If Joseph is a testament, the implementation and continued support of this
program is essential to the well-being of the children of Cavaillon.

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