What does NOVA Do?

LogoSince 2002, NOVA Hope for Haiti has provided medical care to Southwest Haiti. NOVA Hope for Haiti, Inc. became a non-governmental, non-profit organization in 2005, with U.S. Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.

What does NOVA Hope do for Haiti?

NOVA provides medical care in two ways:

1) NOVA’s Permanent Clinic in Haiti

NOVA Hope for Haiti owns and operates a full-time medical clinic in Cavaillon, Haiti.  We employ two doctors, four nurses, a pharmacist and lab technician. Our medical professionals and maintenance-grounds employees are natives of the area we serve in Southwest Haiti. The salaries we pay the local staff also benefit the community as that money is spent locally. Our medical clinic is open five days per week, including a hypertension clinic every Friday.

Our medical clinics has its own fully stocked pharmacy and medication is dispensed to our patients by our Haitian medical professionals. Our patients pay a nominal fee to see our medical professionals, and another nominal fee for lab tests and to purchase their medications. These nominal fees add value to the medical care our patients receive in this setting. The means of the general population determines pricing, but our Haitian staff can discount or waive fees completely for patients who absolutely cannot afford it.

2) NOVA’s Medical Missions in Haiti

Since 2002, NOVA has been sending Medical Missions to Haiti with teams of volunteer doctors, nurses, translators, and non-medical support to Southwest Haiti. The missionaries conduct week-long immediate care clinics open to all adults and children in need. Every six to twelve months, our volunteer medical mission teams travel to Haiti to work with our permanent Haitian staff. They see patients, provide health education and training, and conduct mobile missions to remote regions. The teams stay at the residence which is on the second floor of our Martineau clinic. A medical mission to Haiti usually has up to six volunteer health care providers and they will see 500-600 patients in a week. NOVA Hope for Haiti has sent nearly 30 successful medical missions to Haiti since 2002. All these volunteer professionals pay their own way to and from Haiti.

Unfortunately, given the unfavorable political climate and, for a while, the limitations that came with the global COVID pandemic, we have not been able to send any medical missions to Haiti in the last five years.    We hope to have the opportunity to resume medical missions in the near future.

Click here for an article and photos from a typical medical mission.

NOVA Hope for Haiti – Annual Cost

Annual operating cost for our Haitian Medical clinics is roughly $250,000 USD. This cost includes staff salaries, medications, supplies, building maintenance and security. Our only paid staff are our Haitian employees and our US accountant/bookkeeper. All other NOVA Hope for Haiti board members, advisors and US-based supporters are volunteers. Therefore, all donations go directly to support our medical missions in Haiti.


Donate to Haiti

Please help us keep NOVA Hope for Haiti’s mission in Haiti alive. Donate to Haiti to help us to continue to provide medical missions to the people of Haiti. Thank you.