How is NOVA supported?

How is NOVA Hope for Haiti and their Medical Missions to Haiti Supported?

NOVA Hope for Haiti, Inc. was established as a non-profit corporation in 2005. Since then private sector direct giving, from people just like you, have been our sole source of funding.

How to Help Haiti

Please help us keep NOVA Hope for Haiti’s Medical Missions to Haiti going. DONATE TO NOVA HOPE FOR HAITI TODAY to help us to continue to provide medical care to the wonderful people of Haiti. Thank you.

Other Sources of Funding

NOVA Hope for Haiti has a proud 100% board member contribution history and our US support base program is entirely volunteer-based. A Citizen Recognition Award, a personal tithing commitment,  private family foundation gifts, and one family bequest have also been sources of significant donations.

NOVA Hope for Haiti hosts one major fundraising event per year. A wide range of smaller events, in both New Jersey and New York City, provide much needed additional revenue.

Now that our permanent medical clinic is rebuilt and operating five days per week following the devastating 2021 earthquake, we are actively seeking Public and Private Grants. These Grants will help pay for the maintenance and operation of our permanent clinic. They will also support our Haitian staff, who provide medical care year-round.

NOVA Hope for Haiti has a dedicated volunteer grant writing team who seek out potential funders.

However, private sector funding remains the mainstay of all non-profit income in the United States. In fact, private sector funding provides more than 80% of revenue for organizations such as NOVA Hope for Haiti.

The Board of Trustees wish to assure our donors and the public of our commitment to accountability and transparency.  Toward that goal, a link to our most recently filed 990 Federal Tax form is available below.  If you have any questions about the document, please contact for more information.

990 Federal Tax Filing

Donate to Haiti

Please help us keep NOVA Hope for Haiti’s mission in Haiti alive. Donate to Haiti to help us to continue to provide medical missions to the people of Haiti. Thank you.