Volunteering in Haiti

Volunteering for a medical mission in Haïti requires personal flexibility and an inherent spirit for adventure.  The infrastructure, general customs and value systems in emerging countries, where beating the odds against survival literally present a daily challenge, can often seem shocking to the visitor on initial exposure.

Medical volunteers of all levels accustomed to the sophisticated standards of care in western countries require adaptation when working under conditions a world apart from themodern, state-of-the-art hospitals in the US.  The medical history becomes the sole road to diagnosis, complemented by physical findings.  Diagnostic studies are not available for patients that literally have one sole opportunity for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Our medical volunteers include general physicians, specialty physicians and surgeons who do general practice work in Haïti but are called upon for opinions and referrals when needed, pediatricians, social workers and specialists in the education of personal hygiene, health and nutrition, dental hygienists, nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists.

Non-medical volunteers are as important as the medical component and NOVA is always in need of English-Creole translators (a background in medical terminology is especially helpful).  We have traveled with college students who help with distribution of medicines, photographers and volunteers with no specific skills but with a willingness to interact with the Haitian patients and staff to contribute to the smooth function of the clinic.

For more information about volunteering email: info@novahope.org