NOVA’s Permanent Clinic

NOVA’s Staff in Haiti

The Centre Materno et Infantile de Boileau (The Mother and Child Center of Boileau), or as we refer to it in the States, the “Boileau Clinic” was NOVA’s first venture into providing ongoing medical care in Haiti.  Since 2002 NOVA has been sending medical missions from the US to Haiti which last 8 days, but in February 2013 we realized one of our long term goals.

On February 4, 2013 NOVA Hope for Haïti commenced operating the Centre Materno et Infantil de Boileau in conjunction with the Haitian Pilgrims of Lewisville, TX.  As the name implies, the Boileau Clinic is creating programs that will address women of child bearing age, pregnant women and new born infants through the age of five years. However the clinic is open to the population at large.

In October 2014 we expanded our medical care when we opened our new facility in Cavaillon, Haiti.

Our staff now provides medical care from both facilities:  4 days per week in Boileau and 3 days per week in Cavaillon.

At each center we provide counseling,  routine pre and postpartum examinations, referrals for complicated pregnancies, practical courses in health and hygiene, routine childhood examinations and vaccinations and nutritional intervention when a child is acutely malnourished.  In addition to this, pediatric and adult patients can visit the clinic when they are ill.

Each clinic also houses our own dispensary for medicines prescribed for our patients and a laboratory for medical tests.

This clinic, operating from both locations treats over 400 patients per month and costs NOVA approximately $60,000 per year including our Haitian staff’s salaries (NOVA’s only paid employees), medications, medical supplies and building maintenance.

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