NOVA sends maintenance team to Haiti

In January 2016, a small seven-person NOVA team went down to our clinic to accomplish two goals:  The first was to meet with our two new staff members – Dr. George Lisage and our new office administrator, Ms. Johnyde Jean Denis.

Dr. George will enable NOVA to treat more patients between our two clinic locations and Ms. Denis in her position will help keep NOVA’s overall office and non-medical operation in Haiti running smoothly. We conducted staff interviews and meetings to help integrate the new employees into the existing team.

The second goal was to continue to improve and maintain the physical building and property that NOVA owns. In addition to routine maintenance tasks (fixing leaky bathroom sinks, refurbishing overhead fans, inventorying both the medical and non-medical properties of NOVA, etc.) we purchased and installed a locked tool cabinet to safeguard our investment in tools for the building, improved our water well area with additional paving stone and met with a local family to secure housing for future mission teams.

These small maintenance missions will occur twice a year to ensure that our investment is protected and taken care of between our two larger medical missions.



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