Medical Care Operations Update | Fall 2022

Immediately following the devastating earthquake on August 14, 2021, NOVA’s dedicated staff was providing medical care under extremely challenging conditions.

Dr. Daniel and our Country Director, Pierrot, make a great leadership team and working together reopened the Martineau medical clinic for patients to receive care even while our facilities were being rebuilt. They retrofitted the garage to serve as a pharmacy and lab, secured large tents which were used for patient treatment, and increased the attendance of our weekly hypertension clinic. Conditions for our staff and our patients were not ideal, but we are proud that they continued to provide medical care during this interim time of rebuilding.

Last month our staff was able to return to indoor operations with the completion of our Phase I construction. Pierrot has also helped NOVA’s Executive Committee have more continuous and effective communication and oversight of our operations. We hold weekly Zoom calls to discuss the non-medical operations and our Medical Director, Dr. Jenny Henkind, also has weekly Zoom calls with Dr. Daniel and Pierrot to review and develop our medical programs. 

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