Haiti Earthquake Relief

NOVA Hope for Haiti has been provides medical care in the southwest part of Haiti, near the city of Les Cayes. We remain committed to that mission. However, the tragedy that has struck Port-au-Prince is of incredible proportions and as people around the world come together to help, we at NOVA are also trying to do our part. We have a network of doctors, nurses, translators and other volunteers. We have tapped into this network and are currently sending a delegation of 11 medical personal: doctors, nurses, and search and rescue personnel. This team is on route to Florida this afternoon and are hoping to be in Haiti tomorrow morning to assist with the massive medical needs of the people. As you may know, there are real problems with supplies and volunteers getting stuck in a bottleneck at the airport in Port-au-Prince, be we are hoping that our team will be able to be on the ground by tomorrow.

Our team is lead by Dr. Charles Kordula, the President of NOVA Hope for Haiti who is with the team on his way to Florida. Dr. Kordula will try to keep me updated with the team’s progress, and I will try my best to keep you all informed via this Blog.

We are currently working on another medical team to go down to Haiti in the next week or so, so if you are a doctor, nurse, or have other medical experience, please contact me at the email on this blog.

NOVA is also receiving donations to offset the cost of sending down teams. Your help and support in this make it possible for us to get help on the ground in Haiti. Any money we collect over the costs of our volunteers will be forwarded to other organizations working to get relief to Haiti, such as the American Red Cross.

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