Medical Team working in extreme conditions

We have been recieving text messages from our team in Haiti. Dr. Charles Kordula is reporting that the situation is worse than anyone can imagine. The supplies are not reaching the doctors and nurses as fast as they need them and early this morning it wasn’t possible to do surgery as no facility for that had been set up. The team is working inside a Project Medishare compound inside the airport. Basically this means they are in an open field, surrounded by a perimeter fence with security, working, sleeping and eating in tents full of patients.

They are trying to do their best. The number of patients far exceeds what the doctors can treat and unfortunately many people are dying of diseases setting into their injuries. It is truly a horrible humanitarian crisis. But lives are also being saved, and that is the good news. They doctors and nurses are treating as many patients as they physically can. They are working in 12 hour shifts.

As of this afternoon, they have begun to do some surgeries and that is more good news. Food and supplies have arrived to the volunteers and this was a major concern this morning. The EMT’s with the group are working with UN search and rescue teams in the city trying to locate and free people still trapped in the rubble.

The volunteers from NOVA Hope for Haiti and Our Chance International who are working together in Haiti are facing unbelievable physical and emotional stress in trying to help. We need to keep them in our prayers and support them in any way we can. All the efforts will not save everyone who needs help, but each life saved is someone’s mother, someone’s child, someone’s spouse. Each life is of infinite value.

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