Meet Baby Pierre Jovens

Seven-month old Baby Pierre came to our clinic the first day of our mission and was seem by Dr. Peter Lee, an emergency room pediatrician from Valley Hospital.  Baby Pierre’s young mother was brought him to NOVA’s clinic specifically to see the pediatrician.  Baby Pierre left leg was ‘bowed’ and his leg would not develop normally without specific treatment to help straighten the leg as he grows.  This would affect him into his adult life as he would not be able to walk properly.

Dr. Lee recommended that Pierre’s mother bring him to a hospital one hour away to get X-rays and a brace to help straighten the leg.  The mother was not able to pay for the brace and the hospital put a cast on for a week to give the mother time to determine how she could afford a brace.

The cost of the brace was approximately $100 and NOVA told the mother to go back to the hospital and get the brace.  The mother was able to purchase the first brace with help from her family but it was a huge financial burden.  As he grows, NOVA’s permanent clinic physicians will send us his leg measurements so we can bring down larger braces on future missions.


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