NOVA Volunteer Mission #24

NOVA sent its 24th volunteer medical mission to Haiti from April 22nd though April 29th.  This mission included one pediatrician, one adult provider and one dentist enabling us to provide a variety of special care and our patients truly benefited from their services.  In addition to the providers, we also had two nurses, three Board members, a professional photographer and videographer to capture the work we accomplished during our mission.

It was a very productive mission and we were so excited that half of our missionaries were ‘first-time’ NOVA volunteers.

During the week, our team conducted one mobile medical mission and treated over 350 patients.  Our two full-time Haitian doctors spent the entire week alongside our US providers and received valuable training.  Our US nurses spent time with our nursing and pharmacy staff inventorying our medications and working on our formulary for future medication orders.  It is very important for our staff to work closely with our visiting teams to ensure we offer the best care we can to our patients.

Below are some photos from the mission – thank you to everyone who supports our mission and enables us to deliver the important medical care we continue to provide.


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