NOVA’s COVID-19 Directives

Beginning Monday, April 6th, NOVA will implement the following protocols:

  • All operations will be moved to the Martineau clinic and the Boileau clinic will be closed for at least four weeks
  • We will work with the staff to ensure that chronic care patients from Boileau can still get care they need at Martineau. We will waive any fees so that they can use the money for transportation, etc.
  • All medications, the generator and lab equipment will be brought from Boileau and stored at Martineau
  • The staff will be divided into two teams, each consisting of one doctor, two nurses, a lab tech and pharmacist.
  • One team will remain at home for two weeks while the other team works at the Martineau clinic
  • The Matineau clinic will maintain the following protocols:
    • NOVA staff members will have their temperature taken and be verbally screened prior to entering the clinic each day
    • Patients will be triaged outside the clinic near the entry gates
    • Any person displaying any of the Covid-19 symptoms (temperature, cough, sneezing, etc.) will not be allowed in the clinic. If necessary, they will be given Tylenol and instructions for selfcare at home.
    • Only 20 patients per day will be examined by a doctor.
    • 20 folding chairs will be set up six feet apart to ensure distance between patients. As patients are seen, the chair is disinfected and folded.
    • The staff will consider setting up an exam area outside.
    • All exam rooms will be completely disinfected between each patient.
    • The patient bathroom will be completely disinfected between each person.
    • The entire clinic will be disinfected and cleaned at the end of each day – including lab, pharmacy, bathrooms, folding chairs, etc. This will be done by the medical staff.  The medical staff is responsible for disinfecting their own work area completely.
    • All PPE and clothing worn by the staff will be left at the clinic to avoid bringing any virus home.
  • We will continue to vaccinate children from the Boileau clinic which is our assigned responsibility from the Health Ministry.  A nurse and a nurse’s aide will go to Boileau on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month to immunize children, following all protocols listed above while they are in Boileau
  • No staff member will take vacation for April and May.
  • The security guards will continue on their regular schedule and also be tested daily. They will minimize their time near the clinic and staff during clinic hours.
  • Once the staff leaves for the day, the clinic building will be locked and remain closed until the next day. The security guards will use the patient restroom overnight which is accessible from outside the building


We will continue to collaborate with other Haitian NGOs and global public healthcare organizations to remain up-to-date on the rapidly changing situation.

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